Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Ronald Kister: How to Be an Information Technology Consultant

Ronald Kister is an information technology consultant who founded his own company, RKJ Consulting, after several years of working for public schools in the State of New York.

Being an information technology consultant is difficult. “It takes enthusiastic, innovative and decisive leadership to effectuate technology excellence,” he says. Here are some useful tips for people looking to the industry for possible careers.

Start learning the field in college. If you’re serious about a career in information technology, you should consider getting at least an undergraduate degree in the field. The industry is vast, and it takes years to be able to work professionally. Study as much as you can while in undergraduate school, and you may even want to consider getting a more specific advanced degree after.

Keep up to date with industry changes. Technology is a field that changes all the time, and you have to be ready before those changes even make a difference. Follow the trends of the industry, and learn about the updates before they come out so that you know how they can apply to you. Also, be ready to update the technology you use, not just the software, so you can provide for your clients.

Learn how to communicate with others. Communication is the key to success in information technology, especially if you’re trying to be a consultant. Chances are you’ll know more about the field than your clients, so you need to be able to communicate on their level in order to know just exactly what their needs are.

Ronald Kister tries his best to keep up to date with the ever-changing industry, and to communicate with his clients.